Top 5 European hosting providers

How to Pick a European hosting Provider

How do you choose a hosting provider when there are thousands of hosting companies available online? It’s like going through the yellow pages trying to find burger restaurants. There are lots of them. Hopefully these tips will steer you in the right direction.

Disclosure: I receive compensation from the companies whose products I review. I tested and reviewed the web hosting sites ranked here. I am independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own.

Here is the list of Top 5 European hosting providers and Worldwide hosting providers:
Top 5 Worldwide hosting companies

1. FatCow Web Hosting

2. Hostgator Hosting

3. StartLogic Web Hosting

4. JustHost Web Hosting

5. Web Hosting Pad
Top 5 European hosting companies

1. Web Hosting


3. Heart Internet Web Hosting

4. 123-reg Web Hosting

5. 1&1’s Web Hosting
Important factors

Important factors in selecting a web hosting company include the percentage of server uptime. 98 to 99% uptime is the dream standard for server uptime, 65% is unacceptable. The higher the downtime of a server, the lower the potential for traffic at your web site.

Another consideration is how much space is provided for the files that will make up your web site. How much bandwidth is in your package? Monthly bandwidth is the amount of data transfer allowed for visitors to view and use your web site.

With today’s changing trends in web hosting services, it is important to get as much server space and bandwidth as you can. This will allow for necessary updates and increased traffic to your site as it becomes more popular.

It is equally important when purchasing business web hosting that CGI access is provided; along with features such as MySQL, Real Audio, Real Video, and Cold Fusion (which some companies sell as an add on component). A crucial feature necessary for doing ecommerce is SSL, or Secure Socket Layer. This encrypts all order and credit card information until it reaches you. An SSL certificate can be purchased from most web hosting providers. Displaying it on your ecommerce web site verifies that your site transactions are safe and secure.

There are many European hosting providers to choose from. If you do your homework, you’ll find some good deals that will fit your budget.
UK2NET – European hosting provider

UK2 is one of the UK’s biggest hosting companies. They provide outstanding value services such as Domain Names, Web Hosting, E-Commerce, Dedicated Servers and E-mail. They are committed to providing excellent products, competitive prices and first class levels of support to help their customers grow, improve and profit in business.
1and1 – European hosting provider

With over 7 million customer contracts worldwide, 1&1 Internet is the largest web hosting company in the world! They offer the latest technology at unbeatable prices to create a value unmatched in the industry.

Domains? Shared web hosting? Dedicated web servers? Email solutions? Easy website creators? They have it all. Every new hosting account receives 24/7 phone support, 60 day guarantee, and £400 in full-version software.

Sign up for 1&1’s Web Hosting and get £400 worth of FREE software – European hosting provider

WebHosting UK offers cPanel control panel with shared linux hosting packages which has all the useful resources necessary for creation and maintenance of your website pages. cPanel is one of the best website management tools in the web hosting industry.

All of our cPanel hosting plans are packed with industry leading features such as:

– Affordable cPanel hosting plans to host your websites.

– Ability to host unlimited domains and create unlimited email accounts.

– Support for server side scripts – PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails.

– Our affordable cPanel linux hosting plan includes: FREE blogs, forums, galleries FREE ecommerce tools.

– Database support – MySQL and PhpMyAdmin.

– Transfer your existing cPanel Websites to us FREE of charge.

– Softaculous is an amazing cPanel add-on that integrates with cPanel and gives you the ability to automatically install various open source scripts.

Host Unlimited Web Sites!
HeartInternet – European hosting provider

Founded in 2004, Heart Internet is one of the UKs leading web hosting companies providing webmasters of all sizes with the latest in shared hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated servers technology along with low price domain names.

No matter what you need, be it a small hobby site up to a high traffic ecommerce website, Heart Internet has a solution and at a great price. Heart Internet customers are put at the centre of the business with 24x7x365 customer support and some of the quickest response rates you will find in hosting. The advanced ticket system means Heart Internet support deals in minutes and not days.

Heart Internet web hosting
123-reg – European hosting provider is the UK’s largest domain name registrar, web hosting and email provider. They’ve registered over 2 million domains. Their success is built on providing a wide range of products all under one roof combined with market leading low prices

123-reg Features:

– UK web hosting from £2.49 per month;

– hosting packages come with up to 10GB of storage and 150GB traffic;

– 123-reg hosting is UK based, which boosts your UK search engine ranking. Entire support team is based in the UK too.

– full UK phone support charged at your local rate.

– Linux or Windows as your operating system

123-reg – there’s no better place to host your website – European hosting provider has a very attractive product – high quality at an aggressive price. As something quite unique all new customers also receive a Google Adwords Coupon worth €50 (or $50),- when signing up for any of the Web hosting package. is an innovative supplier of web hosting services. was established in 2002 in Denmark and is today one of the leading companies in Europe within the provision of domain names and sales of web hosting services (or Webhotels, as we like to call them).

Since the foundation of (B-one) in 2002 by Jacob Jensen, has experienced constant growth and has, today, more than 400,000 customers in 149 countries and handles more than 48,000,000 e-mails and 5,500,000,000 web page queries every month. (January, 2007)

Today, has 75 employees, a healthy, strong financial position and is fully geared to meeting the potentials and challenges of the future. Webhosting – Check for more details
Web Hosting Lenses

Multiple domain web hosting
Some of you must be wondering about what exactly is “multiple domain web hosting?” Well in case of a multiple domain web hosting, all the sites belonging to you are hosted on a single server, and they are all managed through one common central accoun
Unlimited bandwidth web hosting
First of all analyze your exact needs and then decide on which hosting provider to choose from. Best thing to do would be to go with unlimited schemes and better not risk your online business.
Virtual server hosting
These days many web masters prefer a different type of hosting called virtual private server hosting. When you have your entire business running online, there you need to good hosting solutions so that they are very reliable and dependable.
European hosting
There are many European hosting providers to choose from. If you do your homework, you’ll find some good deals that will fit your budget. Here is the list of Top 5 European hosting providers.

Top 8 Sites Like GoDaddy (GoDaddy Alternatives) For Hosting & Domain Registration

Top Sites Like GoDaddy (GoDaddy Alternatives)

With many sites like GoDaddy it can be difficult to choose a domain registrar or web host. On this page you’ll find the best GoDaddy alternatives that I have personally used, including some free options.

While GoDaddy is one of the largest and most popular websites for domain registration and hosting it has definitely had its fair share of controversy. From shutting down people’s domains without proper notice, to large service outages and poor support to countless lawsuits.

This has lead many customers (including myself a former GoDaddy user) to seek out alternatives to GoDaddy for domain and hosting needs. The websites you’ll find below are other providers that I’ve used during my time online that have provided a better service than what I experience on GoDaddy. I’ve also included a number of free web hosts, while these don’t offer the same service as paid options it can be a good start for a project.

Just like anything else in life your mileage may vary so I encourage people to share their own experiences with these websites like GoDaddy in the comment section.

Choose the best place for hosting your Mumble/Murmur server on the web


Welcome to another guide about Mumble! Mumble is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) chat system that allows you to speak to your friends, colleagues or friends over a high efficient, low latency chat system.

In my other guides I go through how you can set up your own Mumble server. How to set up the Mumble client and how to customize it. Today I am going to show those who do not want to set up their own server on their own local box. Today I will show some really good hosting providers that will host the Murmur server for cheap!
Possible Hosts

I am only going to be covering a few hosts that I know to be good. Mumble hosting commercially – since it takes such little bandwidth – is relatively cheap. I personally don’t own a server to keep running daily and I had previously used my gaming computer as a server. So I have found that $2 out of my pocket every month for 15 people to connect and chat while gaming, is very worth my money.

Using the Promo “SOPRO” you can get 20% off!
Mumble Boxes

The first host I would like to introduce is Mumble Boxes. Mumble Boxes has 4 locations to choose from within the USA. 1 location in the UK and 1 in Japan. Their plan costs

10 Users for $1.45 a month
15 Users for $1.66 a month
25 Users for $2.66 a month
30 Users for $3.19 a month

And so on… Payments are done via Paypal so your transactions are secure. If you sign up with their service you will get a 7 day free trial to test. You will not be charged until your trial runs out.
Mumble Voice Logo
Mumble Voice Logo
Mumble Voice

The second host I would like to introduce is Mumble Voice. Mumble voice has 6 locations in North America and 5 others around the world. Their plans cost

10 Users for $1.95 a month per year
15 Users for $3.95 a month per year
25 Users for $4.95 a month per year

And so on.. Mumble Voice is a has fewer options price wise but they have more locations that may fit your needs. They do give you free guild hosting, instant portal, forum and blog activation.
MMO-Mumble Logo
MMO-Mumble Logo

I would like to introduce MMO-Mumble. They probably have the most options for pricing schemes. They have 6 locations within the USA. Also 2 locations in New England. Although in order to view these locations you have to sign up for an account. They have yearly, bi-yearly, quarterly and monthly as options for payments. I will not be listing them all. They are a bit more for the buck and there aren’t as many options slot wise. Here are their prices for monthly:

5 Users for $1.25 a month
10 Users for $2.50 a month
25 Users for $6.25 a month
50 Users for $11.25 a month

You can test their servers out at this link here:
Hypernia Logo
Hypernia Logo

The last one I would like to introduce is Hypernia. Hypernia is a place for gammers. Their main focus is on Hosting game servers but also allow mumble and other voip servers to be hosted. They have 7 locations within the USA and 6 others around the world. Their plans include:

10 Users for $2.50 a month
15 Users for $3.75 a month
20 Users for $5.00 a month
25 Users for $6.25 a month

These are a little more in the price range, however you have the quarterly, bi-yearly, and yearly billing cycles that reduce the cost up to 15%.
Final Comments

As you can see, there are many options here. There are some that are cheaper but are in less locations. There are more expensive plans, and there are more locations but fewer options for slots on the servers. Like anything on the internet when going to buy something, you must look at all the options and find which is the best for you. When it comes to Mumble servers be sure to test the server out before buying that location. Most companies do allow you to move locations if there is a problem with the service. But it creates less of a hassle.

I hope this guide was helpful. Please let me know if I need to add any more information about this guide. If anything is unclear or needing to be simplified. Please let me know!

Best Web Hosting Sites Helpful Tip

Are you searching for information related to best web hosting sites or other information somehow related to free web hosts, or linux host dedicated? If yes, this article will give you helpful insights related to best web hosting sites and even somehow related to cpanel dedicated server and windows server hosting that you might not have been aware of.

It is an important task for you to select a good hosting company. You have to keep many factors in your mind when you are choosing your web hosting service provider. You will find here explanations about some factors based on which you will choose your web hosting company.

Good web hosting companies provides various business web hosting plans that are specially made for business websites. These plants generally offer very high-bandwidth and more web space in order to contain the high volume of traffic, which is associated with business websites and moreover, these plans can handle very dynamic and heavy multimedia websites. Another point that should be considered in advance is a low downtime because that will affect your business. Therefore, high uptime should be guaranteed by the Web hosting company.

If you’re planning for future benefits then you should go for ASP hosting. This can be a wise investment if you have enough money in your pocket to start with your business. Those who want to prosper in business on a long-term basis then you should opt for ASP Web hosting.

Don’t forget that if this article hasn’t provided you with exact best web hosting sites information, you can use any of the main search engines on the Internet, like, to find the exact best web hosting sites information you need.

When you’re looking for a Web hosting company then it is advisable that you deal with a reputable company. In this way, you will be getting outstanding packages at a very low cost price. There are many packages with a very low price but such a low price does not give good services. However, big and reputable companies which have lot of reputation in the market generally gives superb deals and extensive features.

The main advantage of dedicated hosting is that you are responsible for security, maintenance, updates and backups of your server. On the contrary, in shared hosting many times hosting provider has deployed an update and restored the server without informing the client. Most of the time the client has to contact the hosting company when something goes wrong when updates happen.

Bandwidth or data transfer is the terms Web hosting companies use to specify an amount of information that can be sent through server connections in each month. If you have one megabyte of a file then each time someone views that file then you are sending one megabyte of data through your server connection. Most of the Web files are small in size. Therefore, huge amounts of disk storage and bandwidth are not required for a normal website.

Many people looking for information about best web hosting sites also looked online for half life dedicated server, condition zero dedicated server, and even vps hosting.

Even A Cheap Hosting Company Can Help You Build A Website

It’s no secret: the internet is the place to be. And there is no shortage of web hosting companies out there — cheap hosting or otherwise — all vying for the scads of business flocking to the internet to grab their share of the pie. You might say it’s a Buyer’s Market. eMerchants of all kinds know that consumers are all bargain hunters and as our appetites grow fatter and our palates grow wiser, we demand more and more from the companies that serve us at less and less of a cost to us. The result? These days, web hosting companies can’t afford not to be cheap hosting companies.

To compete, cheap hosting companies have to provide an assortment of tools and services to make them stand out above the rest, and the least of these is website design and building. If your cheap hosting company can’t help you design and build, publish, and edit and maintain your website, then it’s too cheap. This article will lay out some of the most common and useful features you could reasonably expect a good, cheap hosting company’s website builder/editor to have.

In brief, a website builder (whatever fancy name the individual cheap hosting company slaps on top of it) is essentially a point-and-click program for designing and building websites. These programs have evolved over the years to the point now where they are so simple that even a retired great-grandparent could do it. (You thought we were going to say “a child”, didn’t you? — and apologies to the tech-savvy great-grandfolks out there.)

The software exists, and has existed for a while now, to empower anyone at all to design, build, and publish not just a website, but a website that works. One that’s error-free, that’ll be search engine-approved, that’s attractive and easily navigable, that encourages traffic, and that doesn’t require you to know a whit of HTML code.

The foundation of any website builder/editor are these are predesigned webpages, designed around specific themes or categories — sales, membership organizations, service provider, in-house, family scrapbook, self-promotional, etc. — that you are free to use as your own. Simply fill-in-the blanks with your own information and customize the look and feel to suit your tastes.
You see, a template is just a springboard for your website. Sure, you can use it as is; that’s fine if it’s a personal website for you and your friends, but don’t expect an un-tweaked template to generate a lot of business. Templates are designed to be fully customizable, and that includes background colors, fonts, text sizes, graphics, backgrounds, borders, page layout, and more. You should exercise that facility to its fullest.

Cheap hosting companies’ website builders/editors should include not only a wide variety of templates in a wide variety of themes/categories, but a wide variety as well of color sets, fonts, graphics/clip art/photo databases, backgrounds/borders, etc.

Templates may also exists for many of the most common and popular website tools that people use, like photo albums, event calendars, feedback forms, and user forums.

The cheap hosting company of today needs not only to be able to convert your vision into sensible HTML code, but it needs also to empower you to code Javascript and Flash-based content. These might not seem like valuable features at first glance, but without them, you might find yourself restricted to building websites that visitors find flat, uninteresting, and non-interactive.

There should also be a suitable Preview feature included so that you can see the progress of your website at each step along the way. You should be able to see exactly what your visitors will see once your cheap hosting company puts your site live.

Finally, crucial to any website that’s not intended merely for personal use — which is most of the websites out there — is making a sale. And if there’s one thing a cheap hosting company’s website builder has got to have for you, it’s a shopping cart.

Take a look at the shopping cart the cheap hosting companies you’re considering offers. How customizable is it? Is it easy to use? Is it confusing? Does it support the major payment methods — from credit cards to PayPal — both online and off?

Armed with these tips, you’ll be in a better position to make the right decision when choosing your cheap web hosting company.

How To Transfer Cheap Hosting Providers

There are several measures you’ll want to take in preparation for switching from one cheap hosting provider to another. To start with, do not under any circumstances cancel your service with your current cheap hosting provider until you’ve completed the switch to your new one and made sure that your site is live on the new cheap hosting company’s servers. If — heaven forbid — any problems arise in the transfer and you’ve already cancelled your current cheap hosting service, visitors to your site will find it “temporarily” down — and that is a humongous webmastering no-no.

Here’s another don’t to start off the transferring process for you: Don’t do anything until you’ve backed up your entire website. This is probably the most important step in the process and one that is all too often embarrassingly overlooked. Backup every last page, every graphic, every hotlink. If you’ve never performed a backup of your site before, it’s easy to do — just use your favorite FTP program (any will do) and download all the files from your current cheap hosting company.

Once you’ve got this critical step taken care of, it’s time to start hunting around for the cheap hosting provider you’ll switch to. Maybe you’ve already got one in mind. If not, there are numerous cheap hosting portals and review sites that exist solely to help you navigate the densely populated landscape of cheap hosting providers.

Decide ahead of time why you wish to switch cheap hosting providers — is it cost? Bandwidth? System compatibility? Customer support? Features? Plugins? Scripts? — once you’ve identified the exact areas where your current cheap hosting provider is lacking, you’ll have a much easier time examining the breadth of cheap hosting offers out there for the one that will serve you best.

Don’t rush into any decisions here. The last thing you want to do is hop from cheap hosting company to cheap hosting company — if you did, then transferring will be about the only administrative duty occupying your time. Take the time now instead to find the best possible deal — competition is fierce in this industry and you should have no trouble finding all the services and features you need at a heavily discounted price. Don’t settle either — same reason. If one cheap hosting company doesn’t have absolutely everything you’re looking for, keep looking — surely at least one does.

Once you’ve decided on a new cheap hosting provider for your site, you’ll need to take down a few pieces of information, namely:

— Your domain name (such as “”)
— The company name where your domain is registered — If applicable, the username and password for your domain name registration
— The name server info of your soon-to-be new cheap hosting provider (this will more than likely be emailed to you when you sign up with them — if not, or if you lost it, you can find it in the Help documents on the new cheap hosting provider’s site).

Now that you’ve got all this done, you are finally fully prepared to transfer from your old cheap hosting company to the new one. To do so:

— Login to the website where you currently have your domain name registered;
— Locate a link for Domain Name Servers or DNS Information;
— Change the information in these fields to reflect that of your new cheap hosting company;
— Submit your changes.

And voila! You’ve done it! Easy, wasn’t it?
Once you’ve completed the above listed steps, it’s time to get your website live online. Simply upload the files you backed up at the beginning of this process to your new cheap hosting provider. Then take a visit to your site (preferably from several different browsers) just to ensure your website still appears as you want it to now that it’s hosting on your new cheap hosting provider’s servers. If you notice a problem in how your site appears, it’s time to delve back into the HTML code and find out what’s causing the discrepancy. It could very well be that a portion of the code simply didn’t transfer properly. If this is the case, all you need to do is reenter it as it should be, and that should take care of the problem.

Lastly, once you are certain that your website is live and looks like it should regardless of browser, it’s finally time to cancel your previous cheap hosting service.

Cheap Hosting Service Guide

People carry this misconception that cheap means bad, and that the quality is low. Without researching further, this instant assumption, in my view, is not valid. Since hosting business thrives in a fierce competition, even the top hosting companies are compelled to provide several incentives to their customers that reduce the hosting price significantly; thus the price seems very low; but the users tend to overlook the truth that the price has simply been discounted. And this kind of cheap hosting services usually comes in the form of a shared web hosting environment, which will be explained below.

It is not necessary that you have to adopt a cheap web hosting package, each hosting company is unique in its own way, and offers several hosting plans. The customer can even choose the free web hosting solution to host their sites. But that option is not widely recommended. Yes, you do not have to pay a dime out of your pocket but you have to make lots of compromises along the way. The first and foremost is that your site will be covered with tons of advertisements in the form of banner and text ads, all over the place. Secondly, free hosting cannot be entirely relied upon. There is no guarantee that their servers are monitored round the clock. Also the servers are very populated with a huge number of other websites, which directly affects the loading time of your website. Imagine you have a site that sells some product or goods, and then you are running it on some free hosting, what would happen to your business, if it is unreachable to your customers. Your business would certainly head towards the tank, and then you will lose money.Even if your site provides value and useful resources to your users, there is no use, if it cannot be reached by the viewers! They would be frustrated and move away. Also with free hosting, you barely get the amount of bandwidth, disk space, email accounts or scripting software that are essential to run your websites. And the security of sites is always a prime concern with free hosting.

So the better option is to select a cheap hosting service, which is provided by web hosts in a shared environment. Yes, you share the server with the other websites but this is the most popular plan that is being utilized by around 90% of the webmasters. Why? Because this shared web hosting plans are foremost cheap, and now that the competition is huge, you can get lots of bonuses and all the features that are needed to effectively run your websites for a very low price. Most cheap hosting service is as low as $5 depending on the hosting company. Like I said even the reputed and top hosting companies are offering this cheap hosting plan as it is practical, functional and perfect for people who are seeking for budget hosting and also reliability and functionality for their websites. Of course, once your site gets big and receives a large number of traffic then you can always adopt the Virtual Private Server hosting or even the dedicated servers, where you rent the whole server for yourself. Certainly, these two solutions will provide more functionality, power, and robust control to your sites; however, they are pricier compared to shared hosting plan, so these solutions are appropriate only if you need them.

Otherwise, shared web hosting plan are just fine. The price is affordable and the service you get is more than what you need for running your basic websites (ranging from personal to medium-sized e-businesses). Most of these shared hosting plans nowadays come with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, free domain, MySQl databases, programming languages like PHP, Perl, Ruby, and almost all scripts and software for your ease-of-use and functioning of your websites.

However, my suggestion is to do an extensive research while choosing the hosting provider. Based on your needs, make a short list of several hosting companies. Compare their plans and features. How is the support system? Is it 24/7? It is actually a good idea to test the host before buying their service. So, do not hesitate to email or even call the host, and always ask questions. If you are able to get professional help within a certain period of time and you feel quite satisfied with them, then it would be easier for you to choose the one that you like the most. Make sure they do not surprise you later with any hidden fees, long term contracts, or even set up fees. Since, website hosting is a large market with many companies out there, approach cautiously, and choose a reliable web host that fits your hosting needs.

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Cheap Hosting Services – Making the Right Choice

Nowadays, cheap hosting services is becoming extremely popular as the number of people accessing Internet is doubling up. With this an increment is also seen in the amount of people who are looking forward to host their websites. Certainly, website hosting does not excite people as much as cheap website hosting does as this assists them to host their website in a speedy and an easy manner. But it is essential to choose cheap hosting company prudently.

Features of cheap web hosting services to keep in mind to make a fruitful decision

Keep in mind that prior to opting for any of the cheap hosting services it is vital to get familiar what are your actual requirements and what are you looking out for in a web hosting company. This might comprise various features of website such as programming language you require, features f database connectivity, domain name, e-mail addresses, traffic train you expect and many more.

Read the website hosting reviews

Besides, it is also essential to familiarise yourself about the web hosting companies customer care service prior to opting for them. This you can do either by contacting them or going through the customer care reviews. Going through the reviews of customer care is probably the perfect alternate as when you try to know about this by making a call then you might not get the true picture as you might get when you actually hire them.

It is possible that your telephonic conversation will be a great experience as they are also marketing themselves. Nonetheless, this might be the last call they receive. Prior to opting for cheap web hosting service ensure that the company has a sound body work so that it can be fully relied upon in future.

By going through the customer reviews you will get a fair picture about the cheap web hosting company as you get to know about the experiences of people who are currently working with them or have worked in the past, which will enable you to figure out how much reliable the company is actually. Several websites are dedicated to review web hosting companies; moreover you do not have to put in a lot of efforts to come across such websites. All you will require to do is a Google search.

Consider uptime percentage

For an online business, it is essential to have a visibility on World Wide Web for maximum amount of time. With the uptime percentage factor of website hosting it is ensured that the potential customers will be able to see your website whenever the site is uploaded. When an error message is viewed it indicates largely that your potential customers should seek some other alternatives to fulfil their requirements.

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Episerver helps Allan Gray power personalised customer experiences

Episerver helps Allan Gray power personalised customer experiences
Issed by: Bluegrass Digital
Allan Gray is one of the most respected investment firms in Africa, building long-term wealth for clients. The Allan Gray website is an important cornerstone of their high-end service offering, and there was a need for an innovative website design that would deliver the ultimate user experience for their customers, whilst best supporting Allan Gray’s ambitions to meet the demanding requirements of IT infrastructure.
Following a CMS vendor review with Bluegrass Digital, Allan Gray selected Episerver, the Enterprise CMS platform, which delivers unique digital experiences to users.

The Bluegrass Digital team collaborated closely with the Allan Gray Marketing and IT teams.

“We needed to ensure that the Episerver implementation adhered to Allan Gray’s stringent security and development standards, which as you can imagine are extremely high,” said Nick Durrant, MD at Bluegrass Digital. “The Allan Gray Marketing team needed to easily control all website pages, fund data, fact sheets and create customer segments based on specific demographic criteria to serve targeted content to their users.”

The user experience has been further enhanced using Episerver FIND, which is a state of the art search and navigation technology giving users more relevant, search engine optimised results with advanced tagging and faceting options.

“We’re extremely proud of the final result and collaborating with Allan Gray has been a fantastic experience for us. We’re now looking at further ways to continue improving the Allan Gray online experience,” says Nick.

Shimansky – Creating a personalised customer experience with Sitecore

luegrass Digital was tasked with the design and build of the new Shimansky website.
Shimansky – Creating a personalised customer experience with Sitecore
click to enlarge
A key driver of the project was the implementation of Sitecore Experience Platform. This platform provided Shimansky with state-of-the-art CMS and marketing functionality and allows for a richer, personalised customer experience.

Bluegrass Digital is partnered with Sitecore and recommended the platform because it empowers clients to market in context of current and past customer interaction, across any channel and in real time.

Other special features implemented on the site include web forms for marketers (WFFMs), dynamic filters, custom search, pages built with blocks and personalisation, but to name a few.

Shimansky is a respected international jeweller known for its unique and clean designs.